Pierce Boshelly




Pierce Boshelly, circa 2004

Pierce Boshelly is known for developing several distinctive styles in both painting and sculpture. Some examples of the FLAT MINIMALIST style are “Down on Knees”, and “On Knees”, all done in marble. The aim is to express something fundamental about our existence in the simplest, most elegant way. By having the human figures emerge from the abstract, the artist shows our connection with all things in nature. Some of these figures also have the property that they appear to be different human figures when viewed from different angles. This reveals how we, as a part of nature, interact to interpret nature. In the CURVILIMEAR EXPRESSIONIST style, (e.g. “holding hands”), the human figures are drawn with ONE SMOOTH CONTINUOUS CURVE which forms a LOOP. The work may appear to be abstract at first glance, but it isn’t. To aid the eye in identifying the figures, sometimes some portion of the figure is painted in. The work shows how everything in the universe is interconnected and how things are constantly changing. In FRACTURED REALISM: (e.g. Man with eyes nearly shut), the face of the person is realistic but the body is formed with smooth curves or line segments. In most cases, the smooth surface of the face is painted with layers of varying thickness that give it a 3-d effect.


Disillusioned with science as a means to answer life's most pressing questions, Pierce dropped out of research and set out on a journey around the world to find answers. While travelling in India, he was impressed with the way people worked with their hands, making things out in the open on the streets of the cities. After narrowly surviving a failed attempt on Everest, Pierce decided to change his way of life. He went to France to do restoration work and by coincidence wound up working on a Medieval Chateau on the grounds of Montfavet Hospital,the Psychiatric Hospital where Camille Claudel spent her last 30 years. Pierce continued to work, sculpting at the famous Studio SEM in Pietrasanta, Italy and painting as an artist in residence in Paris. From his first solo show at a grocery store in Carrboro NC(USA), he went on to exhibit in New York City and Italy.