Pierce Boshelly



Overcome - Bronze
On Knees with arms back - cast marble
On knees with arms back
Man On Knees and Head on shoulder - cast marble
Man On knees and head on shoulderk
holdingtowelonhead - cast marble
Holding Towel On Head
Holding On - Bronze
Holding On
Hope - Marble
Exhibit A
Exhibit A
Exhibit Ab
Exhibit Ab
Woman with Hand over Heart
Woman with Hand over Heart
head covered
head covered

Flat Minimalist (Figurative)

Down on Knees - Marble
Down on Knees
Arms up 2 - Marble
Arms up 2
Arms Up - Marble
Arms up
Which Way - Marble
Which Way
Standing Figure - Hydrostone
Standing Figure
Arms out II - Marble
Arms Out II
Head Down - Marble
Head Down
Twist and Turn - Calacatta Marble
Twist and Turn
Holding - Hydrostone
Holding In Arms I - Marble
Holding In Arms I
Holding In Arms II - Hydrostone
Holding In Arms II
Leaning Figure
Leaning Figure
Going Lightly
Going Lightly
Upward Bound
Upward Bound
Two Triangles
Two Triangles

Fractured Realism

Spiral Figure - Hydrostone
Spiral Figure
Balanced - Hydrostone
Balanced 2- Hydrocal
Balanced 2
Man of Papyrus- Papyrus
Man of Papyrus
Head and Shoulders- Marble
Head and Shoulders
Spiral Reach
Spiral Search
Head Covered 2
Head Covered 2
Mind over Matter Hydrocal
Mind over Matter
On Shoulders- steel
On shoulders
A Step Up- wood
A Step Up

Curvilinear Expressionist

Awakening - Carrara Statuario Marble
Kneeling Curling - Carrara Statuario Marble
kneeling Curling
Girl with Long Hair - Steel
Girl with Long Hair
Girl with Long Hair II- Bamboo
Girl with Long Hair II
Sitting Figure - Steel
Sitting Figure
Lotus Position
Lotus Position
Lotus Position 2
Lotus Position 2
Headonknee - marble
Head on knee
Sitting spiral - marble
sitting spiral
Connected Rings - marble
Connected Rings
Fitting Together - steel
Fitting Together
Standing Spiral - Steel
Standing Spiral
Head Bowed - Steel
Head Bowed
Meditation - Steel
Meditation on Mobius - Steel
Meditation on Mobius
Waves Throughout - Bamboo
Waves Throughout
 - Carrara  Marble
 - Bamboo
Curled Up 2


Reaching - Plaster
Stacked Stones- Bronze
Stacked Stones
Stacked StonesIII- Bronze
Stacked StoneIIIs
2 Cylinders- Steel
2 Cylinders
4 Pedals- Carrara Calacatta Marble
4 Pedals
One Step At A Time
One Step At A Time
Standing Cone- Steel
Standing Cone
Connected Cones- Bamboo
Connected Cones
Open Vessel- Bamboo
Open Vessel
standing Tall- bronze coated hydrocal
Standing Tall
Head on Knee 2- Bamboo
Head on Knee 2
A Step Forward- Bamboo
A Step Forward
Ready to Roll-Bronze coated hydrocal
Ready to Roll
Head Down 2-Bronze coated hydrocal
Head Down 2